Traditional Class-

1. The technology cut-off for rifles, sights, ammunition and rests is December 31, 1900.

2. Straight black powder and plain-base or hollow-base lead bullets only.

3. When used, “Time Rules” are to consist of no less than a two-minute firing period and no more than a six-minute loading period. When muzzle loading rifles are present at a match, the match director must provide no less than six minutes per scoring shot. The match director may alter the times required here as long as they fall within the limits represented.

4. The Traditional Class will recognize reproduction equipment faithful to pre-December 31, 1900 designs and patents.

5. When necessary, match officials may call a Shooter’s Jury to decide on questionable procedures or equipment. Competitors may submit documentation to support a claim for the inclusion of equipment in the Traditional Class. The Shooter’s Jury will consist of no fewer than three knowledgeable persons selected by the match officials. The decisions reached by the Shooter’s Jury are final.

6. Iron sights are defined as those that do not magnify the image of the target. Telescopic sights are not allowed in matches designated “Iron Sight”; any sight, iron or telescopic, are allowed in matches designated “Any Sight”.

Open Class-

1. Any single shot rifle, any sight, any rest.

2. Any powder and any plain-base or hollow-base lead bullets only.

3. “Time Rules” to be under the same restrictions as Traditional Class.

4. The Shooters Jury to be used for the same purposes as Traditional Class, incorporating the specific rules of the Open Class.
5. The definitions of iron and telescopic sights are the same as those in Traditional Class.

Picket Rifle Class-

In the case of specific competition for “picket” rifles, the following definition will apply for both Traditional and Open Class

1. Any rifle may qualify as legal for competition in the Picket Rifle categories if the firearm utilizes a plain-base or hollow-base lead projectile less than two calibers long.

Target Scoring And Match Procedure-

1. String measure scoring will be from the center of each bullet hole to the marked center of the target. The string will be comprised of the total measurement of score shots. Centers must be marked on the target prior to the target being shot.

2. Targets using the “value” or “score” method will be scored by using the bullet hole center, i.e. the center must break the scoring line to qualify for the higher score.

3. Score matches that are designated “For .22 Rimfire Rifle Only” will be scored to closest leaded edge; .22 rimfires that participate in all other matches, whether scoring or string measure, will be scored to the bullet hole center.
4. Competitors may not fire shots on a sighter target after the match commences for score.
5. Competitors may only fire the stipulated number of shots required for the match; shots that miss the paper are scored as misses. Misses in a score match will count as zero. Misses in a string measure match will count no less than 10 inches at 100 yards, and an additional 10 inches for each additional 100 yards in target distance.
6. Competitors may not handle their targets after shooting unless specifically allowed by the match director.
7. Targets that are submitted to the National Rifle Club as new record scores or strings, must be witnessed by the match director and at least two other competitors. In the case of record scores or strings shot outside of a match format, the targets must be witnessed by at least three knowledgeable persons familiar with the rules of the National Rifle Club. Record strings or scores will be checked and verified by the National Rifle Club President, Vice-President and Secretary.
8. Competitors found guilty of cheating by the match director and the Shooters Jury will be banned from participating in any future National Rifle Club-sanctioned matches.
9. These rules and procedures will not be construed in any way to restrict the participation or entry of any muzzle loading, breech-muzzle loading, or breech loading rifles in National Rifle Club sanctioned competition.